Nick Kler Poems

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Love And Regrets

It takes just a few glances
And you know 'That's the one'
Hardly a day goes by
And you start to appreciate them


If we ever meet again; maybe
Upon those crossroads, perhaps

Decades must have passed

Life Of Love

Crazy sky all above me now
Summer breeze howling in my face
Darkness of a million starlit nights
Distraught and disguised

Yesterday's Tomorrow

I might not ever see tomorrow
As there are no guarantee's
That these moments from today
Would ever be my yesterday

I Feel So Cold

I feel so cold
As if I am getting really old
plenty of life is still left within
breathing has stopped as if

A Lavender Orchid Flower

Some flowers remind me of my brother
Every season they change their color

Some reminds me of my mother

Hearts That I Stayed In For Decades

Hearts that I stayed in for decades
There is a space that would always be mine
A share that belongs to me
Well within their souls

Serpents Of Fiery Moment

Every hour of everyday
Serpents of fiery moment
Dance in the inner cells
Of my soul

My Darkest Hours

Nights are dark here
I'm terrified to sleep
As the day comes up
I am so scared to wake up

Powers Of The Sky

Powers of the sky
Are carrying
All the sorrows
Of this world

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