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The Wolf Track

A wolf print I came upon
As I wandered on a new land
He had a walk like no other
His imprint did sink and make me think

Where has he been and where has he gone
Each step like a note in a symphony song

I felt his eyes as I walked along
Telepathy or instinct did come to mind
No fearful thought I had of he
I wonder if he read this in me

It was an honour just to see his way

So with a click - a photo of his track
I did carry back surprised to see such artistry
The sand like pearls did shine
My hand next to his showed a sizeable track

A rembrant photo it turned out to be
Just to picture what he would seem to be
Is the best way to remember he
The big grey wolf in the timber free

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Prabir Gayen 12 December 2018

A talented poet and story teller.....thanks...

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Nick krakana Popularity

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