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A wolf print I came upon
As I wandered on a new land
He had a walk like no other
His imprint did sink and make me think

The blade of grass the ray of sun
Keeps the prairie on the run

The Ferrite the Owl and the Coyote three


Sometimes at night
In the fading light
It does come back to me
Where a log cabin stood deep in the woods

There is a street
In Hamilton town
That directly relates
To the coffee ground

No finner site can be seen
Than old leaves on the ground
In early spring
A wonder to stop and see

On a late summers day
I did stop by to see
This place we go into eternity

It has occurred to me

That God likes to play hockey

It seems the natural thing to do

Upon his raindrops of frozen dew

Charge up your card automatically

And Timmies sneaks by directly

Into your account they go

In front of the heat and light bill you know


Bullets fly by like the firefly
Don't stop or you'll die
The icy waters of Normandy
Numbs the pain the eye can't see

I watched an elephant show today

And seeing all the love they had to convey

I wished the world could be like they


The leaves they fell on the day
As thousands of his comrades carried him away

The Argilles of 1903 stationed there guns backwards for he

He wondered over
On that great day
When the thought
Of creation became My way

In every city and town east to west
There are final homes of rest
Healthy society should have a rule
To enter and visit this vacuum that rules

A lonelier site you may not see
Than the imprisonment of the mighty oak tree
Surrounded by black top
For autos to be

Cities and towns
Have an interesting feel
Each..... a different appeal

Okavango sunset makes it's mark
As daylight turns to dark

The Zebras walk towards it's set

Instinctively knowing were they've meet

There is a mall in your town
Were people go just to walk around
Wandering here... wandering there
Spending their money without a care

I know a people of the land

Who some say they do not understand

The thirteen Moons they know of well 

The seasons change and the tides swell


Coffee it seems
Fulfills many dreams
Moving the brain
Into new extremes

I have a litho upon my wall
Its not very expensive at all
I'm glad it came out this way

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The Wolf Track

A wolf print I came upon
As I wandered on a new land
He had a walk like no other
His imprint did sink and make me think

Where has he been and where has he gone
Each step like a note in a symphony song

I felt his eyes as I walked along
Telepathy or instinct did come to mind
No fearful thought I had of he
I wonder if he read this in me

It was an honour just to see his way

So with a click - a photo of his track
I did carry back surprised to see such artistry
The sand like pearls did shine
My hand next to his showed a sizeable track

A rembrant photo it turned out to be
Just to picture what he would seem to be
Is the best way to remember he
The big grey wolf in the timber free

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Prabir Gayen 12 December 2018

A talented poet and story teller.....thanks...

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