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As a human spirit
We feel the need
To play a game of
hide and seek

There I was, sitting on the forest floor with the flames burning in my
fire pit, roasting goat meat, when a mean Australian officer pounced on me and offered me death just because I was on his land. Dirty landed gentry! Anyway, the goat too was illegal for me to kill and eat because everything that spawned on his property was, too, his property. Dirty landed gentry! So, I had to jump in the billabong that
was right next to my camp, but he jumped in there after me, trying to strangle and or drown me. I did drown, and now I haunt the area where the scuffle happened. They wrote a song about it, called 'Waltzing Mathilda.'

I poured grape juice on Ezra Pound's back
I put T.S. Eliot in a headlock, but I do like his poetry- we just couldn't get along
I had a beer with Walt Whitman
I hung out with Dante and we sent our enemies to a real Hell

Could it be
we could free
the next century?

Dawn may barge in like a burning harlequin
Vultures fly yet its hard not to laugh
Nature’s children are killers
Dirty people

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As A Human Spirit (Co-Written With Grady Falco)

As a human spirit
We feel the need
To play a game of
hide and seek
The deepest urge
To start to learn
What's crawling around
On the other side
We want to hunt
We must consume
The energy, that's
Rightfully ours
Rightfully ours in the
darkest hour
We must partake
and ice the cake
unlock the door
into the restless floor
The canopy
of what shall be
The sculpture of your future self
The painting of another land
Take it from another hand
A painting of another dark
A sculpture of another light
Electric prisms
And temples of stone
U.F.O's and Stars made of chrome
The endless endless endless things
That we may never live to see
The infinite rope to climb
To see the one who started time
And yet you'll still see nothing
At least nothing with a face
As a human spirit
We feel the urge
To watch the burn
of the distant sun
The deepest urge
To start to learn
What's floating around
Up there
We want to live
Refuse to die
We let our emotions cry
We want to swim
Refuse to drown
And don't look back
and don't look down
With spirits all around
And our spirits dance together
All so we won't be alone
Ignore the truths that stand in groups
That chill us to the bone
We hold each other close
Lick away the tears
We ponder life on edge of knife
To silence all our fears
We dream of learning secrets
The secrets of the sky
Believe in crystal castles
That await us when we die
We search deeper, deeper, deeper still
Down into ourselves
For something to explain the pain
Of our existence, stark black and eggshell white
The sun that rises, sets
The moon that lights our dark pathways
For why do birds sing in morning?
And wolves only howl at night?
The endless grinding of clockwork
This timeline that never seems to end
Will we float from these shells of flesh
And be greeted by our friends?
Death is our escape
A tunnel leading away from pain
A winter coat to protect us
From the cold reality of the world
No one agrees on what God says
Maybe God never said a word
Doomsday talk on every block
Faith can seem absurd
Hands clasped together
No one wants to leave
This earth, green and blue
But leavings what we have to do
Everyone dies, everyone lies
We all will meet our maker
If there is one to meet
We slowly walk another block
On life's lonely street
We try and find the difference
The difference in beliefs
But they're all the same
The search for truth
Is an endless loop
We look for someone to blame
To blame for our faults
But we only find ourselves
God sits in his castle
Stacks our hearts on shelves
All are our hopes unobtainable

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your poetry is classic and shall never become brittle with age like so many others

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