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Fiery as it is,
It lit the world up in a
Raging blaze,
Effacing away every trace of life from the world.

The fate of our life,
Strung together by the red line of fate.
It exists; though never predetermined.
We, ourselves the very source of these threads,

Everything that happen to us made us who we are.
I choose to shoulder all these memories,
Whether they are happy or sad,
Because each of them teach us a precious lesson,

Under the warmth of the majestic tree,
Where the stars lit up the endless night,
The ocean dance mesmerizingly in the dark,
While the wind brought in hopes and joy,

On this road,
I continue walking,
All alone...

Night alone felt lonely.
It isn't as quiet as I thought.
Counting the stars one by one.
Knowing the night will be over soon.


The wind blew gently,
Across the sunlit pasture,
Where I laze gently on.

The vultures overhead,
Are circling the dead.
Under the scorching sun,
That kills with its heat.

- - - - - - - -.
- - - - - - -...
- - - - - - -.....
- - - - - -........


Moments in life.

Standing at the edge of the cliff.
This strange feeling of solitary resounds fiercely in my heart.
Yet, I could only look forward to the 'tomorrow'.
Like the brilliant sun which would shine for a billion years to come.


Time halt,
Realization struck.
Pawns fell,
The board has been flipped.



Frozen hearts,
øblivion to losses.
Requiem of winter,
ënvelops thy world...

Fragments of past recollections,
Feelings of loss and hopelessness,
Friendships torn and broken apart,



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Just another teenager who misses his homeland.)

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Four Elements

Fiery as it is,
It lit the world up in a
Raging blaze,
Effacing away every trace of life from the world.

Wanderer of the world,
A shapeshifter of its own.
Thy who cleanse the world,
Enchant it with a shimmering light
Renewing hopes for it.

Evergreen blades dancing in the rain;
A field of lovely daisies sways along in unison;
Right front the nightingale sings a brilliant tune;
The concerto goes on and on without an end.
Happiness shot through our hearts.

Inaudibly to me,
Neglecting her duty once again,
Disappearing only when she is tired…

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For everything you gain, You lose something else. For everything you missed, You gained something else. If what we do benefit us, The opposite too applies.

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