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Just another teenager who misses his homeland.

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The Letter That Was Not Send

My friend, I apologize,
For the end is nigh,
Soon I shall leave thee,
To a faraway land.

The Element

Fiery as it is,
It lit the world up in a
Raging blaze,

Red Line Of Fate

The fate of our life,
Strung together by the red line of fate.
It exists; though never predetermined.
We, ourselves the very source of these thread,

Individual's Story

Everything that happen to us made us who we are.
I choose to shoulder all these memories,
Whether they are happy or sad,
Because each of them teach us a precious lesson,


Under the warmth of the majestic tree,
Where the stars lit up the endless night,
The ocean dance mesmerizingly in the dark,
While the wind brought in hopes and joy,

Nick Leow Quotes

24 January 2016

For everything you gain, You lose something else. For everything you missed, You gained something else. If what we do benefit us, The opposite too applies.

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