nicola burkett Poems

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05 - A Hero

A hero thinks of others before they think of themselves
A hero will die to protect
A hero can be of any age, any colour
A hero can be man, woman or child

Womens Intuition

We know what we want, when we want
And we're not afraid to ask
When we find, we we're right all along
We relish and in the moment we bask

When I Was A Child

When i was a child, i thought they could do no wrong
When i was a child, everyone seemed to get along
When i was a child we were always together
When i was a child, i thought it would last forever

32 - Cinderella

Running towards her pumpkin
At the stroke of midnight
Her lost slipper upon the stair
In the silver majestic moonlight

06 - Enchanted Fairies

Over England’s dales
Deep past the ever green
Inside the forest
Lives the Fairy Queen

30 - The Devils Chair

A suicide note
I carved on my chair
With a rusty old key
Wrapped in devils hair

04 - Sid N' Nancy

He was a punk rocker, she a groupie tart
They couldn't live without, they couldn't live apart
Sometimes the love consumes the fuel too fast
And when it does you know it'll never last

56 - I Hate Myself For Hurting You

I hate myself for hurting you
The pain and heartache i put you through
I killed the love that we once had
I took everything good and turned it bad

42 - The Bright Lights Of Las Vegas

The bright lights of Las Vegas
Casinos open around the clock
Wedding bells, Grand hotels
A place where the fornicators flock

A Brave Mother

The pain you’re in I can see
When you say this to me
There is nothing the matter wrong with me
I’m as healthy as can be

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