05 - A Hero Poem by nicola burkett

05 - A Hero

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A hero thinks of others before they think of themselves
A hero will die to protect
A hero can be of any age, any colour
A hero can be man, woman or child
A hero is courageous, loving and brave
A hero will never complain
A hero can be made in one act of compassion
Or years of tender loving care
Some hero's are remembered, whilst many are left forgotten
Hero's are angels in disguise, saving precious innocent lives

I dedicate this poem
To Pvt Steven Freund, Officer Kevin Tonn and all fallen heroes.

05 - A Hero
Thursday, November 2, 2006
Topic(s) of this poem: heroes
I recently discovered that this poem was chosen out of millions of other poems to be a part of a memorial in Galt, California. To say that I am humbled is an understatement.
Tyler Haworth 04 April 2012

I hate this! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Jc Verro 19 August 2008

This is a very good poem and i want to thank you personaly, I have lost 4 of my family members in the war and it warmed my heart to relize that someone actualy does relize what out heros goes throught. Thank You.

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Shifa Burkett 07 November 2006

i am so proud of you nick finding out resentley that this poem you wrote was used at the funeral of an american marine someone you had never meet or even known existed is a great tribute to your talent, also that out of all the hundreds of great poets the family chose your work, which has also been posted on a memorial forum for a deceased firefighter well done

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Katherine Williams 09 January 2008

I really love your poem! I love the dedication too. It's sad that you had to dedicate it to fallen soldiers, but it is a great way to honor them.

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 25 September 2015

Verily, a hero is one who thinks of other's grace and protection rather than his own, Saving lives of any human being irrespective of differences is the virtue of a hero A lovely poem indeed, Added to my favourite poem list............10

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Itsme Tzy 21 November 2021


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Najiha 25 July 2020

This is the most lovely poem I have ever heard in my entire life.Thank you

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Sujith Kumar 18 November 2018

Thanks for this,and for the founder also thanks

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Raynolds Moseamedi 17 October 2018

Lovely, thank you for sharing...

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Rahman Henry 18 November 2015

Lovely poem. I love it.....

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