A Brave Mother Poem by nicola burkett

A Brave Mother

The pain you’re in I can see
When you say this to me
There is nothing the matter wrong with me
I’m as healthy as can be
You have pain from your toes up to your knees
When you talk you talk with a wheeze
Your blood is too thick sometimes too thin
But you’re awfully well for the shape you are in
Time goes by so slowly so quick
When you walk you walk with a stick
Angina spray you puff under your tongue
This does not make sense for someone so young
Diabetic, angina and sleep-ap
She puts on her mask as she takes a nap
Her ailments are way to long for me to list
Her future is foggy and covered with mist
Day by day she injects insulin
But she’s awfully well for the shape she is in

Patricia Gale 26 June 2007

Sad, touching and well delivered... you have a golden heart

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David Gerardino 22 November 2006

like the poem, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , you have a simaler style, that reminds me of sextan, plath...........................

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Sandra Fowler 16 November 2006

This is a word portrait of a great human being. Please convey my warm regards to her. Sandra

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nicola burkett

nicola burkett

South East, London
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