Nicole D'Settemi

Silver Star - 3,475 Points (June 25th / Niagara Falls)

Nicole D'Settemi Poems

41. The Path Of Most Resistance 8/4/2018
42. Satan's Deceptive Thunder 8/4/2018
43. The Runner's High 8/4/2018
44. Route To All Evil, Pt.1 (Greenery Surrounds Us) 8/4/2018
45. The Happy Hike 8/4/2018
46. Camouflage (Stories Of War, Pt.2) 8/4/2018
47. Cliffhanger 8/4/2018
48. Sun Poisoning 8/5/2018
49. Grey Would Be The Color 8/5/2018
50. It's Getting Ugly 8/5/2018
51. Black Lightning 8/5/2018
52. Sleeping Beauty (Mellow Yellow) 8/5/2018
53. The Razor's Edge (Scarlet Fever) 8/5/2018
54. Crimson Tide (Outro To The True Colors Mini-Series) 8/9/2018
55. Shattered Glass (A Snow White Story) 8/9/2018
56. Black Rose, Bleeding 8/9/2018
57. Black Mustang (Outro To The Jungleuphoria Mini-Series) 8/9/2018
58. Eternal Damnation 8/10/2018
59. Snow White (Intro To The True Colors Mini-Series) 8/10/2018
60. House Of Thunder 8/10/2018
61. Grave Ornament 8/10/2018
62. Borderline (Lacking Shades Of Grey) 8/10/2018
63. It's Chemical Warfare (Stories Of War, Pt.3) 8/10/2018
64. Born Inside A Metal Box (Precious Heavy Metals, Pt.1) 8/10/2018
65. Rainbows In Revolt (No Pot Of Gold) 8/10/2018
66. Vicodin (Magic Beans) 8/10/2018
67. All But My Pulse (Pt.1 Of The Death Is Beautiful Quartet) 8/10/2018
68. Black Velvet 8/10/2018
69. Shades Of My Heart (Black & Blue) 8/10/2018
70. Quiero Tu Manos Por Todo Mi Cuerpo 8/10/2018
71. The Little Black Death 8/10/2018
72. Manic Depression & Opium 8/10/2018
73. Afraid Of The Dark 8/10/2018
74. Purple Rain (Pt.1 Of The True Colors Mini-Series) 8/10/2018
75. The Book Slams Shut 12/4/2011
76. Trigger Happy (Heading Toward The Dead End) 8/16/2018
77. Fire In The Hole (Outro To Stories Of War) 8/19/2018
78. Twinkling Star Power 9/5/2018
79. Our Trip Through Disney World Was Well Worth It 9/17/2018
80. Blood-Diamonds In The Sky With Lou C. 9/17/2018

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  • The Real Truth (8/9/2018 3:16:00 PM)

    JUDITH ELIZABETH BLATHERWICK AGED 54 old hag is this character I'm so pleased to have inspired this poem see online molesed bty her father

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Best Poem of Nicole D'Settemi

Lethal Love Letters (Dear Heroin)

Dear Heroin,
My name is Nicole and I'm writing to you
Because I've heard of some stories of what you can do
I heard you can stop me from feeling insane
I heard you have powers
That can take away all the pain
So I have come knocking
I stand here today
Hello Heroin-please show me the way!

Dear Nicole,
Yes, it is true
I feel quite serene
I am the answer-
If you know what I mean!
You'll shoot through the sky
You'll feel like you're soaring
When you shoot me
Life will no longer seem boring
I'll take you to places that you want to ...

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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel
Can it be?
Fallen Angel
Cannot see

Blinded, by the evil ways
Misery filled, endless days
Now her wings, they've turned black
Because she cannot

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