Night Flyer Poems

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Realm Of The Night

Realm of the night
Sanctum of all mysteries
Welcoming me back into its arms
High over swaying pines

An Alchemical Journey To The Heart Of Love

Through a misty forest in the night
Drawn through passageways of darkness
Over cold rivers
Drawn to that crimson light that beckons from the distance


Over by the wall,
Her photograph stares sadly at me
In the late night shadows of my lonely suburban dream
She lies forever silent now, beneath the leaves of a cold meadow, filled with ageless stones


I saw her just the other day
Swimming in a Western bay
I saw her face
I knew it was love.

Tapestry Of Life

If you could see the tapestry of life on which all our lives are woven,
Then you'd feel the purpose to which we've all been chosen,
As our lives surge forward like waves on an endless ocean,
There's so much we can do to fill our world with devotion,

Vision Of Tyche

I looked up to the sky, the twilight rising,
In a Floridian park, saw a vision spellbinding,
The goddess Tyche, She appeared to me,
On a throne of gold overlooking the sea,

Poetry Goddess

In the depths of azure of my mystical dream
The warm summer winds that pull me downstream
On a river of gold that runs through my mind
Past billowing curtains of tropical vines


Shahrazad, dancer of the night
Behind the purple lattice of Persian screens
You dance to the rhythm of ancient voices
Swirling in the mirth of frankincense

Seasons Of The Night

The misty firmament above in the hours before the rising sun
Swirls patterns deeply etched into the grey sky
Windy realm of night with its soaring echoes
A play of wind, clouds and dancing moonlight

A Winter Scene

Cottony lace surging across the season's sky
And starry jewels scintillating in dreamy heavens
White birch spires lost in the swirling clouds of December's majesty
That blazing spark of winter's glory

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