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In the depths of my soul,
A darkness consumes,
Whispers of doubt and woe,
Echoes of past fumes.

In the month of November, when the air turns crisp,
And the leaves fall gently, like a lover's whispered kiss,
The land is still dry, with no sign of rain,
Yet my heart yearns for it, like a sweet refrain.

The sun sets, a fiery ball
Beneath the horizon's call
The world grows still, a hushed refrain
As shadows lengthen, one by one

God, all of my days
In Your presence, I'll stay
You guide me with love and grace
In Your arms, I find solace and embrace

In every breath you take,
And every step you make,
God's presence echoes,
A gentle whisper in your heart.

Maturity, a journey long and winding,
A path that's paved with lessons learned and blindings.
It's a process that demands we shed our skin,
And embrace the person we're meant to be within.

I am myself, a being pure
No need for validation or approval
My soul is my own, my heart is my guide
I'll walk this path, come what may

In days gone, when I was going on a journey,
You whispered, 'No more school, my son.
Be a lighthouse, enough with the fuel.
Your light will shine bright, trust me, it's true.'

November's Farewell

Leaves dance in the wind's playful breeze,
A symphony of rustling hues.

Beneath the sun's warm embrace,
I live each day with grace,
Aware that time is fleeting,
My life a tale of meeting.

In the depths of my soul,
I close my eyes and let go,
Drifting away to a place
Where the angels sing and the skies glow.

Beneath the veil of gray,
The heavens weep in dismay,
A symphony of silence plays,
As clouds conceal the sun's rays.

In a realm where time stands still,
Where the sun never sets nor rises,
A place where the soul is fulfilled,
Paradise, where the heart lies.

Beneath the stars, I ponder fate,
My destiny etched in celestial grace,
A cosmic dance of chance and grace,
Invisible threads weaving my space.

In the cradle of life,
Where the first breath is drawn,
Success is not just a number,
But a smile from mama and papa.

In a sudden shift, I began to change,
My heart no longer beat for every pain,
I lost interest in the world around,
My eyes could not see, my soul unbound.

In the depths of your being,
where dreams and memories meet,
carve out a space for the unknown,
a place where the unimaginable can be.

Upon the mountain's peak,
Where air is thin and feet are weak,
We climb not for a show,
But for the soul to grow.

In the stillness of time,
I wait with a patient heart,
Anticipation coils within me,
As I'm held captive by its art.

Droplets dance upon the earth,
A symphony of nature's mirth,
A gentle rainfall, soothes the soul,
Nature's balm, makes us whole.

Noen Muti Biography

Aryanto Toabnani(Noen Muti) was born in Mauntaikleti on April 14 1998 in a small village in Mnesatbubuk village, Polen sub-district, South Central Timor regency. Since childhood, he has been interested in art and literature and enjoys reading from books stolen by his fourth older sister in the elementary school library.)

The Best Poem Of Noen Muti

My Insecurities

In the depths of my soul,
A darkness consumes,
Whispers of doubt and woe,
Echoes of past fumes.

The mirror reflects a stranger,
A reflection I despise,
My heart beats in a frenzy,
As I try to disguise.

The weight of expectations,
Bears down on my chest,
I struggle to breathe,
As I try my best.

The world is a cruel judge,
And I'm on trial,
My flaws are magnified,
As I try to smile.

But I'll face my insecurities,
With courage and might,
For I am more than my fears,
And I'll shine in the light.

My insecurities will not define me,
For I am more than my flaws,
I'll embrace my imperfections,
And let my true self draw.

So I'll face the world with confidence,
And let my light shine through,
For I am more than my insecurities,
And I'll conquer anew.

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'If love is a bright torch, then kindness is an unquenchable fire. We may understand the importance of love, but we will truly experience the greatness of true love when we are able to show sincere and selfless kindness. Because in the end, kindness is the most authentic form of unbeatable love.'

I feel calm and free when no one knows me. I feel free when I see no one and nobody knows my name

Can see, can walk, can touch, can hear, can talk, can breathe. Why would I challenge God about justice? I am perfect because I am similar and in the same image as Him (God) .

Focusing on self-development is something better than working for a company and always looking like a pet dog

In the end, humanity's greatest success and achievement is achieving death and going to a new world of immortality

Young people now think that love can be proven by two sexes interacting with each other. They are blind to love and enslaved by their lust

Salus suprema Lex: violate the constitution if it is for the welfare of the people but not by carrying out dynastic politics

The principle of introverts is that it is better to be alone and dream of heaven than to be exposed in a mortal crowd

'Nothing says commitment like abandoning your beliefs for the captivating allure of 'logic.' Bravo, the epitome of intellectual acrobatics - a true masterpiece in the art of self-deception.'

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