Rainy November Reverie Poem by Noen Muti

Rainy November Reverie

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In the month of November, when the air turns crisp,
And the leaves fall gently, like a lover's whispered kiss,
The land is still dry, with no sign of rain,
Yet my heart yearns for it, like a sweet refrain.

The days grow shorter, the nights longer and cold,
But there's a longing within me that cannot be controlled,
For it's not about summer, with its scorching heat,
But the promise of rain, bringing life so sweet.

The earth is thirsty, craving drops from above,
To quench its parched soil, to nurture and love,
The trees stand tall, their branches reaching high,
Awaiting the raindrops that will make them sigh.

The fields lie barren, devoid of vibrant green,
As if waiting for a miracle, a heavenly scene,
The flowers have withered, their petals all gone,
But hope still lingers, like a melodious song.

I gaze at the sky, so vast and so blue,
Hoping to see clouds forming, bringing something new,
But alas, it remains empty, devoid of any sign,
Leaving me in anticipation, yearning for what's mine.

November may be dry, but my spirit is not lost,
For I know deep inside that rain will come at any cost,
It may be delayed, but it will surely arrive,
To bring life back to the land and make it thrive.

So I wait patiently, with hope in my heart,
Knowing that soon enough the rain will impart,
Its gentle touch upon the earth's weary face,
Bringing joy and relief to every living space.

For November may be dry, but it's just a passing phase,
Soon enough the rain will come and set ablaze,
The dormant beauty that lies within this land,
And I'll dance in the raindrops, hand in hand.

Thursday, November 2, 2023
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November is still dry with no rain
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