My Insecurities Poem by Noen Muti

My Insecurities

Rating: 4.8

In the depths of my soul,
A darkness consumes,
Whispers of doubt and woe,
Echoes of past fumes.

The mirror reflects a stranger,
A reflection I despise,
My heart beats in a frenzy,
As I try to disguise.

The weight of expectations,
Bears down on my chest,
I struggle to breathe,
As I try my best.

The world is a cruel judge,
And I'm on trial,
My flaws are magnified,
As I try to smile.

But I'll face my insecurities,
With courage and might,
For I am more than my fears,
And I'll shine in the light.

My insecurities will not define me,
For I am more than my flaws,
I'll embrace my imperfections,
And let my true self draw.

So I'll face the world with confidence,
And let my light shine through,
For I am more than my insecurities,
And I'll conquer anew.

Thursday, November 16, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: poems,life,myself
Bri Edwards 14 December 2023

Noen, I especially enjoyed your last 5 stanzas & your rhyming. BUT, though I think most stanzas ARE complete sentences, I would prefer reading it without EACH LINE beginning with a CAPITAL LETTER & WITHOUT the punctuation 'scheme' which YOU & some other poets use. bri : ) e. : ) briR

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Bri Edwards 14 December 2023

I wonder WHY the speaker despises her/his 'reflection' and wonder what the reflection represents. ..'disguise''? .. This was well worth reading a 2nd time.

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Bri Edwards 14 December 2023

I'm not sure if you are using 'fumes' as a noun e.g 'a gas', or maybe as a 'noun' derived from the verb 'fume'. BUT, overall, I give this poem **** (4) stars.

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