Noen Muti Poems

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My Insecurities

In the depths of my soul,
A darkness consumes,
Whispers of doubt and woe,
Echoes of past fumes.

Rainy November Reverie

In the month of November, when the air turns crisp,
And the leaves fall gently, like a lover's whispered kiss,
The land is still dry, with no sign of rain,
Yet my heart yearns for it, like a sweet refrain.

Tears At The End Of The Day

The sun sets, a fiery ball
Beneath the horizon's call
The world grows still, a hushed refrain
As shadows lengthen, one by one

All Of My Days Belong To You

God, all of my days
In Your presence, I'll stay
You guide me with love and grace
In Your arms, I find solace and embrace

God Be With You Until We Meet Again

In every breath you take,
And every step you make,
God's presence echoes,
A gentle whisper in your heart.

Embracing Maturity

Maturity, a journey long and winding,
A path that's paved with lessons learned and blindings.
It's a process that demands we shed our skin,
And embrace the person we're meant to be within.


I am myself, a being pure
No need for validation or approval
My soul is my own, my heart is my guide
I'll walk this path, come what may

Father's Haven: The Lighthouse's Enough

In days gone, when I was going on a journey,
You whispered, 'No more school, my son.
Be a lighthouse, enough with the fuel.
Your light will shine bright, trust me, it's true.'

November's Farewell

November's Farewell

Leaves dance in the wind's playful breeze,
A symphony of rustling hues.

My Life In Counted Days

Beneath the sun's warm embrace,
I live each day with grace,
Aware that time is fleeting,
My life a tale of meeting.

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