Nolan Holland Poems

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Fear Is...

Fear is stormy weather
Fear is light as a feather
Fear is rain
Fear is pain

One Bad Choice (True Story)

On a very sad day
That you ran away
You took a car
That didn't make it very far

I'Ve Had Enough

i do everything i can
to make you laugh and smile
it seems as if it works
but only for a litte while

Magical Place

When I look at the stars
I see your face
I think about you
And it sends me to a magical place

Bright Shining Star

She shines like a giant star
The sun if you will
She enlightens my day when i see her
And breaths life into my cold lungs


A Tragic Day For Love

I'm trapped in darkness
everyday i weep
theres no way to stop it
not even sleep

Everything I Can Do

When I look at you
I stare into your eyes
and can't help but to think
About the bright blue skies

Here Forever

You are so pretty
I always want to look at you
and when we are together
Thats all i can do

Love? Or Not

Here I sit
Alone and lonely
Thinking of
My one and only