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Fear Is...

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Fear is stormy weather
Fear is light as a feather
Fear is rain
Fear is pain
Fear is hiding in the dark
Fear is lingering at the park
Fear is not your friend
Fear is hard to comprehend
Fear is not knowing what to do
Fear is what ever he wants to

Fear is turning out the lights
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u are truly poetic..great imagination

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Lilly 11 February 2021

I love this poem I red for my reading time in school and I read this now like everyday or one of Nolan's Hunter's poems they are amazing especially this one

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ncxjkvncxj bckxj b 08 January 2021

nice peom

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Maeve McGinley 22 April 2020

Wow it is an amazing poem and is really poetic and powerful

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Emma''s mum 19 September 2018

Emma, the word is awesome, shame on you on a site dedicated to the English language

1 5 Reply
Emma Rogers 19 August 2009

l0ve yr p0em itz alsum! :)

4 6 Reply
Lilly 11 February 2021

I love your poem it is awesome

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