Noshi Gilani Poems

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The Wind, Too, Can Change Direction

Do you know?
The wind, too, can change direction
The birds might leave their nests at dawn
And forget to find their way back

The Breeze Rewrites

Now that the breeze has learnt to write
She can choose to rewrite autumn as spring
To redefine spring as waiting


I have a feeling
That wherever I glance
There will be disaster

A Change Of Season

A change of season
Exposes something

How Hard It Is To Manage Life

How hard it is to manage life
As hard as making you my friend

There might be a whole new story
Please get to the point

Kept On Compromising On Life

Kept on compromising on life
kept reciting poetry, kept blazing

I burned down with the lamps
Your arrival was only a dream

The Flower Is Torn At The Heart

The flower is torn at the heart
Its fragrance befriends the breeze

Who can tell who destroyed it?
We have spent this evening under sentence

This Prisoner Breathes

I am trapped in a jungle of voices
In which I cannot spread my wings
Even so, you insist that I take flight
You will not set me free

I Say Nothing Anywhere

I say nothing anywhere, I am silent
While you, as if my lord, order me silent

The story has something to say
But its characters are silent

Last Conversation With The Sky

Although my feet are worn to shreds
My journey ended nowhere
Because I am incapable
I have neither a lamp nor the ability

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