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Name: Nouzad J'adan.
Date & place of birth: Syria, Aleppo, Masikan 1985.
Education: B.A in journalism from Damascus University.
Little introducing: I started writing in 2000, as a cinema writer in Egyptian magazine (alfan alsab'a) , then I write in many national newspapers & magazines after that I pu ...

Nouzad Jaadan Poems

The Fear

come with me to the moon
I will not be afraid from dark
come with me to the sun
I will not be afraid from burn

A Summer's Cloud

To katerina

She sat opposite of me
When I was stealing my copybook's virginity

The Long Night

I am the morning's orphan
The night hug me to the vigil's refuge
Washed his face by my writing

The Lier Door

My sorrow never dry
Happiness try
Always loser
Why my hopes shy?

What Should I Do? ! ..

to my sweet friend Katerina

What should I say? ! ..

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