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You never cherished me as a diamond I am,
But as a chunk of familiar clay
Your contempt fingers abuse and misuse.

From celestrial she appeared a gorgeous figure,
Such a beauty lacking intentions to lure.
In the dark soil of Uganda she was sown

Good night the moon of my darkest night
Good night the star that keeps my focus.
Good night the spiritual womb that birthed me
I will reunite with you in the blissful morning.

I admired a flower
And another plucked it
I wished to have a diamond
Another bought it first.


The giant's not asleep but awake in stupor,
Intoxicated by his minerals, his value sold.


To access success, turn pain into gain.
Futility, end product of pleasure is vain.

Wrinkled, wrinkled, old lady!
How pretty you used to be.
Not long, men called you a baby


Today - the best day in the calendar of time
Another priceless gift given to the living
To make a living remember to make a giving

Nothing worth my tears;
Not even the dead who are forever gone
Which the voice of my beckoning tears

Oh Orion! Conspire not against me in the dawn.
Oh Lunar! Beat me not to the twilight game.
Oh Solar! May I wake earlier than you,

Save the earth from reckless humans,
Who match as the rising Midian army
To over use natural resources with

I will call thy name - JESUS!
When storms invade my chamber,
Thou Keeper of Israel do not slumber
For our fellowship wrecks, I sink under;

I hide behind the smile
Like a child afraid of the dark;
I take life from an optimistic mile
And laugh at what lies at my back.

Like a wide eyes looking but not seeing,
Sent on a mission with no commission;
The mind thinking but not perceiving,

Once upon a time when kings were kids
And princes searched for princess in the ball
With deeds I wrote my autobiography of love.


Remember the bond made a millenium ago,
The past when the bliss of love is flawless.

As the butterfly of attraction flies,
It enters a man's eyes to his adamic soul;
Bugles into a woman's ears to pollinate.
Love drops like a seed secretly sown,

At that fork where loneliness took its root
As cactus, echoed its lyrics in a lovelorn tune,
My antennae bent towards a pretty aura

Don't look for me
Where you left me
For I'm no longer there;
Look up! I'm now here

Cry but try and fly,
Weep but wipe your tears,
Bleed, heal and succeed
Groan yet roar as you soar

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He believes he is an archangel sent to earth in human form. And he lives to bring solutions to the problems of millions and answer to the questions of minions. And he is normally called THE ONE by people who knows him.)

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You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone

You never cherished me as a diamond I am,
But as a chunk of familiar clay
Your contempt fingers abuse and misuse.

You never put me in your best light
Maybe because I'm yet to be coloured
Which your myopic lens failed to see.

You never said you love me
Maybe because I chant that to you
As rosary at twilight and dawn.

Even when my hoarded love
I pour on you as royal pearls
That you trample underfoot to bite my heart.

You've drank my honey to your fill
Now you throw up at my pink face
Yet I gladly wipe your odourless mess.

You never celebrated my incessant goals,
Nor danced to the songs of my trophies,
Because you branded me a competitor.

Oh! You have been too close
That you now smell my lofty nose.
But why didn't you keep its stench a secret?
But soon I will be gone
And you will miss me when I'm gone.
You will surely miss me when I'm gone.

Yes, you will miss me as the sun
On a hectic day of the eclipse
When darkness will hold your tail.

You will miss me as a hot lullaby
When sleep divorce you on a lonely night
And cold terror knocks at your door.

You will miss me as your favourite actor
Out of your theatre of romance and intrigue
When I draw the curtain without a warm epilogue.

You will miss me as your red caped hero
When your day is lost and conquered
And you stagger a captive in chains of anguish.

You will miss me as a miracle I am
Sent from God as an angel of salvation.
You will miss my words as golden bars,
My smiles as flashes of steady lightening,
My touch as the effect of a living elixir.
You will search for me as a lost treasure
Even my legacy you will seek to embalm;
By then I will be gone
And you will miss me when I'm gone.


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In life either you take things for granted or you take them with gratitude.

If you raise a finger at me, I will raise a sword before your finger becomes a gun.

To rise you can't avoid stepping on toes; just avoid stepping on toes bigger than your head because it will crush you.

As a girl you are like a flower, every part of you is important. Some are after the colour, some the scent and others to suck the nectar. So when a man wants to get one, don't let him spoil others.

We all are like guns and money is the bullet it is a pity that many of the rich shoot without aiming and the poor aim without shooting.

One drop of tears sounds louder than the roar of many oceans.

Trouble is a wild beast only tamed by wisdom.

Biafra, that prince of Africa is about to be reborn. Watch out for him.

Don't trust the loyalty of a man until you test him with a little power.

Smile even when you don't have a reason to, you have somebody you will encourage with that. Your enemy gets more frustrated when you smile.

A dwarf can't hold the umbrella for a giant.

Soul calls to soul; Hearts beckons to heart, But the body is the one deceived by what it sees.

We all are in a race with our past, the more we outrun our past the better life becomes.

Nothing comes easy, those whom you think that finds it easy have paid the price while you are lazy.

Be careful with the one who offers you milk when you ask for water, for you may wake up with your head missing.

Love's an actor on a romantic stage; Her drama is the fun of life over the age.

Smile even if you have to wear it as a mask, besides almost everybody you meet wear masks.

Women are like flowers; the one I like I unpluck and hold for a while till it's beauty fades, the one I love I water and admire.

Loving the wrong person is like doing business with a supplanter, nothing comes out of it no matter your investment.

Creativity is a tool of God, He forgot in man.

One woman's frog is another woman's prince. The one she disses, is still the one another kisses.

I have one rule: Shoot or be shot.

I have one rule: Shoot or be shot.

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ObiGod Chidi CC Popularity

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