Michael Shepherd Ode Poems

0047 Ode To The Goddess Of Punctuation

I sing of punctuation....'What? ', you say,
'I've never heard a sonnet on that theme! ';
and thus this modest goddess, clothed in grace,
performs her holy task; unheard, unseen,

0037 Ode To The Patience Of A Yawning Audience

O come sweet sleep, and close my eyes with verse!
with drowsy metre, meet a deeper sleep;
to sleep, to dream, I never am averse -
to slumber numbed by poet's numbers deep;

0354 Ode To Powdered Coffee

0022 A Dickinsonian Ode To Hope

Hopes – that soar –
like kites in wind -
above the truth –
with wishes – twisting

! Ode On A Wedgwood Urn

It’s a gentle green in colour,
sits on the shelf, still, contained,
containing, and content;
around it, another world

Haemorrhoid Ode - For Herbert