Sleep Poems: 240 / 500

0037 Ode To The Patience Of A Yawning Audience

Rating: 2.3

O come sweet sleep, and close my eyes with verse!
with drowsy metre, meet a deeper sleep;
to sleep, to dream, I never am averse -
to slumber numbed by poet's numbers deep;

so, here's a verse that's very brief - a sonnet:
just fourteen lines to challenge your attention:
please rest your weary ears, I pray, upon it;
head up; back straight; let go of any tension;

count the passing seconds to that time
-I'll indicate it with a final couplet -
when glorious English in immortal rhyme
blesses you with torpor's blissful duvet...

and after tribute paid to Orpheus' charms,
with stifled yawn, depart to Morpheus' arms...

Chuck Audette 02 September 2009

A perfect sonnet, with a sense of humor at itself. I don't understand why this has such a low rating. 10 from me, to be sure... -chuck

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Michael Shepherd 11 June 2005

It would be a help to suggest the improvements, John

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John Tiong Chunghoo 10 June 2005

a very creative piece though it can be improved upon.

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I'm so pleased to see you writing so many sonnets lately, Michael, and you write them so well. You're truly a talent in any style. Nicely done.

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