Valsa George Ode Poems

An Ode To A Butterfly

You delicate darling
miracle of grace
dancing damsel
arresting all the eyes

An Ode To A Squirrel

Oh, little chirpy squeaking squirrel
I see you always dressed in grey apparel
Swift as an arrow you can run
Watching you scamper the tree is fun

An Ode To An Amphibian

You don’t have to pitch a tent
Nor build a house to stay
When thousands wander weary and vexed
Without a home or place to rest,

An Ode To Flowers

Flowers, you charming damsels of the Earth
Popping up everywhere in rapturous mirth
Burning in flame, you dazzle the hills and the vales
Sometimes you bloom to die unnoticed in lonely isles

An Ode To Music

Music, Oh mysterious sprite!
Lift us to the seamless realms of delight
Your ubiquitous presence we feel;
In the hum of crickets