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Have you ever danced with the devil
In the pale moonlight?
When the stars are dim and the air is chill,
And the world is cloaked in night?

Hey, is there someone I can talk to,
Someone to understand my point of view,
A misfit in a world that's moving too fast,
A world that seems to never give me a chance to last.

How free are you, my friend?
Are you as free as a bird in the sky,
Or are you bound by chains unseen to the eye?

The older I get, the more that I see
That love is a difficult thing to be
It doesn't always work, as I've learned
And oftentimes, my heart has been burned

In life we cling to what we know,
Afraid of what we can't control,
We hold so tightly to our fears,
And shed so many wasted tears.

The tears I cried,
they fell like rain,
a deluge of sadness
and unending pain.

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Ojo Peter is a young adult with a passion for creativity and artistic expression. At a young age, he has already established himself as a skilled writer of soulful poems that evoke deep emotions and connect with the hearts of his readers. Ojo's love for writing and art is evident in the way he approaches his work, with a dedication to honing his craft and exploring new ideas and perspectives. Ojo is also a lover, who believes in the power of love to inspire and transform lives. His poetry often explores themes of love and relationships, with a keen insight into the human heart and its many complexities. His words have the ability to touch the soul and leave a lasting impact on those who read them. As a young adult with a passion for creative expression, Ojo is always seeking new ways to explore and expand his artistic talents. Whether he is writing poetry, experimenting with new mediums, or collaborating with other artists, he is always pushing the boundaries of his creativity and striving to make a meaningful impact on the world around him. With his talent and passion for the arts, Ojo has the potential to become a major voice in the world of poetry and artistic expression, and we can't wait to see what he creates next.)

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Have You Ever Danced With The Devil..

Have you ever danced with the devil
In the pale moonlight?
When the stars are dim and the air is chill,
And the world is cloaked in night?

Have you felt the thrill of danger
As you moved to his dark beat?
And let his fiery passion
Sweep you off your feet?

The devil wears a tempting smile,
And his eyes are filled with fire,
And when you dance with him, my friend,
You'll feel a burning desire.

But heed my warning, little one,
For the devil's dance is wild,
And once you start to sway with him,
You may never be beguiled.

So if you feel his call tonight,
And hear his seductive tune,
Remember what you're risking
And be careful what you do.

For dancing with the devil
Is a dangerous game to play,
And once you're in his grasp, my friend,
You may never break away

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