Ojok Isaac Poems

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Clouds Loving Earth

True love is rain cloud
From the sky, nomatter how far...
It still gives its love like rain
To her handsome Earth

Every One Needs Someone

Everyone desires to be loved
By someone who bestows
Them fervent joy and Happiness
their heart longed

The Handkerchief And Tears

Rest! Rest! And I rest
Cry! Cry! And I cry
Whatever happens to you
Is directed towards me

Just Say Sorry

It's not good to lie
Or to justify why
You stepped on my foot
Whether intentionally

I Will Live

I will live and continue to live
I'll live until the oceans and seas dry
Yes! I'll stay till the stars and the moon burst
And spread like the crystals of fireworks in the sky!

Saddest Nature

The winds are sad for the people pollute her
With toxic chemicals that suffocate her

Hunting Love

Sun comes and goes
So desperate, my mind is spinning
'I am single' the wind is singing

The Soul That Death Can't Consume

My body can't locomote
Slugishly lie like a log
It can't talk
Listen not though you cry

So Be It

My love walked away
When love was at its peak
I look in her eyes
And just say one word

Blooming Flowers

Sh'ron; you were like blooming flowers
Your beauty made me stared for hours
Your smiles made my feelings went wild
I was in love yet just a child

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