The Soul That Death Can't Consume Poem by Ojok Isaac

The Soul That Death Can't Consume

Rating: 4.0

My body can't locomote
Slugishly lie like a log
It can't talk
Listen not though you cry

Never say that I died
cause death can't kill me
Death can't consume me
But changed life to another

You say; they'll bring the body
They'll burry the body
Because I ain't in that body

I stand like the star
Shining and pilu_pilu
I wheeze like the mist
I am the soul that death can't consume

Translated by Isaac Ojok

This is a translation of the poem An Aye Tipu A Mom Too Tyeko by Ojok Isaac
Sunday, April 28, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: death,immortality
Ojok Isaac 02 May 2019

Kaur thanks for your comment

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Ojok Isaac 28 April 2019

Kaur thanks so much for your comment.

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Randhir Kaur 28 April 2019

Soul that Death cannot consume. Beautiful lines and meaningful.

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