The Handkerchief And Tears Poem by Ojok Isaac

The Handkerchief And Tears

Rating: 5.0

Rest! Rest! And I rest
Cry! Cry! And I cry
Whatever happens to you
Is directed towards me

You make me sad
So I cry too, to wipe your tears
I absorb your pain in my heart
And pretend I'm alright when wet

And now that I'm old
You kept no room for me
You like the new handkerchief
You forget me...
You sack me...
You drop me...

I'm not jealous
Not even blessed to curse a man
But I know you will
One day cry again
And here I'd be waiting
To wipe your tears my love

Saturday, January 5, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: life,love,pain
Gio Masserati 05 January 2019

Ojok Isaac, Such tenderness shown in your sweetly, sad the allegory of the hankie. A keeper! Thanks! Gio

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Ojok Isaac 05 January 2019

Gio thanks for your comment

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Tom Allport 07 January 2019

A wonderful poem full of empathy and understanding? .....well penned

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Chinedu Dike 24 November 2019

Really a poignant rendition set aside for honest reflection. An insightful creation written with clarity of thought and mind. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Jessica Ramsey 17 January 2019

What a splendid poem...truely people tend to leave us after we have given help....a 10++++++++

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Ojok Isaac 11 January 2019

Thanks for your comment poet Brian Mawadri

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Brian Mawadri 10 January 2019

Great poem thanks for sharing.

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Ojok Isaac 09 January 2019

Thank you poet Tom Allport.....your commemt means alot to me

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