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True love is rain cloud
From the sky, nomatter how far...
It still gives its love like rain
To her handsome Earth

Everyone desires to be loved
By someone who bestows
Them fervent joy and Happiness
their heart longed

Rest! Rest! And I rest
Cry! Cry! And I cry
Whatever happens to you
Is directed towards me

I will live and continue to live
I'll live until the oceans and seas dry
Yes! I'll stay till the stars and the moon burst
And spread like the crystals of fireworks in the sky!

It's not good to lie
Or to justify why
You stepped on my foot
Whether intentionally

Sun comes and goes
So desperate, my mind is spinning
'I am single' the wind is singing

The winds are sad for the people pollute her
With toxic chemicals that suffocate her

My body can't locomote
Slugishly lie like a log
It can't talk
Listen not though you cry

My love walked away
When love was at its peak
I look in her eyes
And just say one word

Where do you hide little star?
In day time your face is not seen,

Thou a wind that blows scent of a perfume
With tang that pacifier me from loneliness
My credo is that you keep to resume
With sun and moon as I see thy fairness

I sit under a mango tree, fighting to be free.
I lay on my bed, to take it off my head
The love lost when I was still in love
I want to forget, because I can't get

I wish the sun does not rise
And shine tomorrow,
That I may see how bright
Your love could light my world.

I know a man who forgives not
Who may do but not forget

He never smiled or laughed



Sh'ron; you were like blooming flowers
Your beauty made me stared for hours
Your smiles made my feelings went wild
I was in love yet just a child

My school is a peaceful school
It's not like other schools
Where clouded chill surmount children
each time the scene of a teacher is blown

What do I see when I see my love
My love is like sunshine
Her tender face is bright like day
Her soft skin is Sun's ray


Your teeth are white
They shine so bright
You look nice and lovely
You'll keep your beauty

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Ojok Isaac is a poet born on the 30th August,1997 in Uganda.He started writing at the age of 12.He went to Ambalal Primary School and later join Comboni College for his Secondary Education.He then joined a branch of Kyambogo University in Gulu Core PTC to be trained as a professional primary teacher. He is currently working in St. Gracious Nursery and Primary School which is one of the best schools in the Country.)

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Clouds Loving Earth

True love is rain cloud
From the sky, nomatter how far...
It still gives its love like rain
To her handsome Earth
Who respite not to give
The charming rain cloud its love wheezing like vapour

Though season changes
Love like rain still falls to the Handsome Earth
And Earth still blow love like vapour
To the cute Rain Cloud

So where you see desert or semi;
No love
Where you see dry and wet season;
They're trying
And where you see evergreen;
There's true love

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A man with no enemies has no determination

If I lost one friend, I get more new good friends

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Ojok Isaac Popularity

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