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To Live In Pencil Lines

To live in pencil lines,
As if drifting along the path of an arrow,
Creating boundaries; where lines should go,
Are lines not dots moving in a particular flow?


Sleep always long to take my breath away,
But promises never to trouble any man's good rest,
A dreamland with vision faraway,
A giver and angel of a renewed breath,


Laid in pools of his living blood,
as his heart sobs close to death,
liquor's swift judgement to death,
while travelling in the rainy flood.


Maybe just a little push,
Perhaps a little more effort,
Or a little bit of the time,
That little word for my memory.

Break Up

Time with you was worthwhile,
Happiness the virtue that dearly drives,
Let those moment wets your seething thirst,
Before it eventually becomes your dried past,

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A undergraduate Student of Architecture, with a deep interest for poetry, game OF CHESS, research development, animations/computer graphics, General Studies and of course ARCHITECTURE!

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