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When I want you
to hold me,
you always pretend and
take my hand,

A Cry

Am dying [suffocating],
hear me, [crying! ]
of the filth

When Am Gone...

When am gone,
Sweet agony will flourish at home

Sweet agony will flourish at home,


like a mama
she was to me
of life and love

The Best Day Of My Life

As I wake,
and open my eyes to the morning glory,
My feelings are awake,
That today will be the best day of my life.

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Chevelle Reid 13 March 2009

Keep writing your poems its how you express your self and try to work hard to obtain your degree.

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Poet Oluko George was born in Nairobi on 20th August 1986.His father worked with Kenya Railways as draftsman.Having completed his primary and high school education in his rural home of western Kenya, he was admitted to take Bsc in Water Engineering at Kenyatta University in 2008.

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