Hypocrite Poem by Oluko George


Rating: 4.9

When I want you
to hold me,
you always pretend and
take my hand,
It is my heart that need your hand
and not my hand that need your hand

When I say I love you,
with a faint voice,
you say you love me,
In within your heart,
there is unexplained truth
that only reveals itself in your eyes.
Happy and sad within,
you are always on my side.

When it comes to time,
It will always stand by me,
It will always push you to yourself
It will always reveal the true you
It is time,
that will make you shout
and say 'I don't LOVE you! '
Is it normal,
to answer - to pretend,
that you love ME?

Sally Plumb 03 March 2009

I lke this one too... regards from Sally

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It is normal that you love her.

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Dream Catcher 06 March 2009

Its like this poem comes from the depths of your heart.Nice one.

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Elaine Oxamendi Vicet 06 March 2009

My dear friend..love that famed and perplexing thing.You express what us many feel and still come up with no answers.

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Eyan Desir 07 September 2009

Good write well expressed..............

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Marieta Maglas 03 September 2009

lovely rational lyric poem.....touching....thank you for sharing............10+++

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Demar Henry 21 March 2009

Intense....I can feel the emotions in this one.

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Lakshmi Venkataraman 20 March 2009

nice 1.... well expressed emotions! ! !

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Oscar Cantu 13 March 2009

good job, you express your emotions so well in your poem. It is when you make people feel what your feeling that catches a persons attention. great job on this one.

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