A Cry Poem by Oluko George

A Cry

Rating: 4.9

Am dying [suffocating],
hear me, [crying! ]
of the filth
you put in me.

Am not a dump site,
Am not a poem to recite!
Neither the filth
you say of me.

Is it a grant/aid,
or because of AIDS,
To in-filth
In form of helping me?

Don't need your x-flakes corn,
of course you aren't a con
but why the filth,
You give me?

Let the dark voice from the East,
Let the darker voice of the West
and the light voices of the north,
join the grey voices of the south,
[Shout! ]
'Enough of this! '

Malcolm The Last. 15 March 2009

when i read it for the first time, i failed to understand it. that's a meaningful poem.

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Elaine Oxamendi Vicet 06 March 2009

Deep. The thing is, expression needs a vehicle so share with those you need to read and hear the words that are loudly spoken. Your words shout of pain, attention and somewhat confusion.. apt for anyone in an institution. Wish you would do more with this.

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Sally Plumb 03 March 2009

a really good one, I wish you well

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Laila lili 03 March 2009

yes realy it is nice special the end whaich we all do it maybe in every day well done. keep on your writing

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C. P. Sharma 01 October 2009

Outcry of the pious soul, mystically penned. CP

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Marieta Maglas 02 September 2009

well written poem...touching..................10+++

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Aiswarya. T.anish 03 April 2009

Wow Superb poem..........you are a great poet......write more!

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Samweli Butobi 23 March 2009

when is the time to say enough it should be said. well writen and very biliant poem I like it

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Pranav Kumar 21 March 2009

Wow you write so well you are a artist keep it up.

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Oluko George

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