Oluwatosin Thomas Poems

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Hate To Love

With your tongue filled with sores, your lies spread forth like a bomb.
With your blabbing throat, terror echoes on like a war on my coast.
A promise of an imaginary world, my soul longs on like a rod.

Love Cycle

Time is the unit of measure,
And the clock begins to tick again.
With enough time to fix my errors,

Song Of Myself

In the wake of the 6th day of the 9th moon,
The hen barks and dog crows,
Sun in the night and moon in the day,

Life's Philosophy


The ills of yesterday pulled you down,

Life's Paths



At the crest and its lowest part
We've been together.

True Happiness

Within the paradigm of life, it's been empirically proven that Humans seek happiness more than anything else, believing that a happy heart thinks straight in all spheres. In the same vein, Humans seek love as a well so grave knowing with love happiness will come through. They seek money with an assurance that money is like a tool, a compass that guides and directs their path to the place where happiness sprouts forth. Well, within the sphere of my knowledge, i know there are exceptions to this but before you medias hurl in your comments, spare me some minutes to address this reall quick.
Looking from the clues of listed sources or ways to be happy from the ones mentioned above, it's been seen from the societal perspective of life that money is the only medium through which one measures worldy success, but what we fail to understand or in a lighter note, what we know but ignored all the time is the fact that we always believe money can buy us happiness. Well it will go a long way but money can't afford happiness, and you should know neither can poverty.

Two Can Play

I have heard tales and experiences,
I have encountered plays and replays,
Delved into the realm of staying alive and game over,

Lost Sheep

At the well of my muse,
To put my pen in line for lyrics against you,
Yet you provided me suitable dictions despite my intention,


Error Success