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With your tongue filled with sores, your lies spread forth like a bomb.
With your blabbing throat, terror echoes on like a war on my coast.
A promise of an imaginary world, my soul longs on like a rod.

Time is the unit of measure,
And the clock begins to tick again.
With enough time to fix my errors,

In the wake of the 6th day of the 9th moon,
The hen barks and dog crows,
Sun in the night and moon in the day,


The ills of yesterday pulled you down,


At the crest and its lowest part
We've been together.

I have heard tales and experiences,
I have encountered plays and replays,
Delved into the realm of staying alive and game over,

Relax, and read the lyrics of this poem,
Sip your wine and feel the diction in its realm,
Be not afraid of the fear of unknown realm,

At the well of my muse,
To put my pen in line for lyrics against you,
Yet you provided me suitable dictions despite my intention,

Bring forth the cowries, dice it on Opele,
Lend me the magical crystal of Nehatade,
Lest we know what the future holds.

When your mouth inhales the words from mockers,
And your eyes get flooded with tears,
When you make an exist in a channel of entrance,

I wish i could alter the nature,
To bring back Zamani time frame,
Living again in the days of the past,

Have you ever felt like a paper bag?
Drifting through the claws of the wind,
Like a tattered kite,

I once believed when i was seven (7)that we live in a wild world,
Where our beliefs were that we're bigger than the wider world.
I made my hopes high by pushing myself to the limits of things,

Could this be the best of me?
If one's happiness reveals the hatred in me,
Praises sounding as psalms of condemnation to me,

Many years ago, a light came through to the world,
Which became the path to all tunnels of existence,
We believe in this light for in the creeds of our heart,

To myself of fearless Lines,
For the lady in my visions of souless soul,
My marks i must relay as i lay off my confession,

My future not yet certain,
For my present is undefined.
Roaring in the wasp for air,

Many years ago, under the mango tree in ayekooto village,
I heard the tales of asin toun tokere, Ijapa and yanibo.
Days passed and years perched as i sailed to the land of Akobo,

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Hate To Love

With your tongue filled with sores, your lies spread forth like a bomb.
With your blabbing throat, terror echoes on like a war on my coast.
A promise of an imaginary world, my soul longs on like a rod.
You pierce my piece with your irregular lines, yet i made it a stanza of rhythmic lines.
I saw your fingerprints, but i felt it's just an imprints.
I raised a glass to make a toast, you burnt my hands to coast.
You knew my purpose and ruined it by your action, i thought you wanted to propose and got lured in by my emotion.
You said it was my fault and I'm too blame, but i knew it wqs your plot and i got the flame.
You claimed to give your all, but i also gave my shawl.
You claimed i tore your heart to pieces, but you also sore my muse and ruined my poetries.
You concluded I'm a bad omen to your feeling, but you ruined my life and lost my sexual healing.
A time to reshuffle, a moment to end this puzzle,
You mishandled all, never wish for it to be rekindled at all.
An end must come, a new beginning must turn.
To have a world my own, and shun the lord of your harsh tone.
To hate you, in order to love me.
And to lose you, for every reason to have me.
TEE-THOMAS (Fearless Lines)

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Peter Pacey 04 March 2019

Many, many thanks, Oluwatosin, for your kind remarks. It has been such a pleasure to read your work and know that there is such a sensibilty in the universe. You are at the beginning of your life and I am towards the end of mine. I wish you all the success you deserve. Peter.

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Faith is easily built in the midst of victories and new possibilities, nothing is as cold as a life filled with no miracles.

The conscience of a conscious man is not settled anytime he does an injustice to a fellow man, but it is normal to habitual evil perpetrator.

The innocence of every man is reflected in his inability to do evil or accept evil as a way of life around people who sees such as a norm, evil is reflected not only by how we define it or how affected we are to it but also by our response to those who invoke it around us.

Goodness gravitates towards everyone for no one is destined only for a life of no miracles, but in the same vein goodness may also flee if not braced by proper support.

Sometimes its the truth you've been trying not to face, or the truth that will change your life. Sometimes its the truth that's a long time coming, or the truth you prayed would never see the light of day. Some truth may not be heard the way we hoped they would, but they linger long after they've been said. But the kind of truth i'm most thankful for... the one you never see coming that falls right into your lap.

The more a believer deals with the devil, the more he will come to the true purpose of his life.

The readiness of every man to success is not by the positivity the word carries, but the pressure life has soaked you into.

Nothing slows down the pace of a Man's destiny than living a life filled with no support but one's sweat alone.

As buttons are directly in opposite to the designed holes of a shirt, and yet humans generally mix it up. So also i realized that it is mandatory to have a brain in a man's skull without a proper usage of it, as knowledge is not a reflection of what we've mastered but the usage of what we've acquired.

The world has grown to the peak where it has no reward anymore for HARDWORK. If you believe your sweat is the solution to everything, your story will be like a man who feeds of yeast everyday with no clearer vision.

Until a man witnesses a scene of death, he will never know what it means to be featured in the movie of life. And until he's so close to death himself, he will never know what it takes to survive.

Nothing is so synonymous to being a failure in life than living an unfulfilled destiny on earth.

Dormancy is not a state of being inactive, but a state of being conscious but unconsciously having no impact.

Do not expect to feed your mouth when you do not plough the ground, harvest hour will never precede the sowing era, there can never be a pay day in the absence of work day.

Time is never enough for those that are up and running, but infinte to those without purpose.

If you notice you are suddenly tired of life, then you are not living for purpose, you are only surviving for existence.

Just because you can scribble some words into stanzas doesn't make you a poet, and that you can cook up some sentences into articles and journals doesn't make you a writer. This is because the true test of a Man's talent is not in the reflection of what he can do best, but the true test resides in the vein of continuity.

The best culture to adopt in life is to be yourself.

Your spirit will always lack the discernment to navigate through, your soul will forever be in the state of assumption, and your body will forever know no harmony, in as much as your place of recourse remains a mystery to your existence.

Getting the trophy to be a champion might not seem too challenging atimes in life, retaining the trophy for a life long in the quest of defending it over and over again could be the greatest challenge.

The remedy to your greatest fear is to attempt your greatest fear.

The one thing that can easily silence the conscience of a man over whatever he does is the desperate measure to acquire money.

It is better the fate of a hero remains a mystery, than the tale of their failure be known.

If life hasn't stoned you with some sores to nurse, you will never know there are scores to settle with life.

Failure to accept knowledge is the success to be irrelevant in an atmosphere where exposure and enlightenment is the peak of healthy living.

For every Ray of life you own lies a trace of hope, as it is in six feet only is where hopes are buried.

It is easy to sing a love song when you have what it takes to finance the romance, nothing bores the ear most like the tale of love embroiled in nothingness.

Until you showcase your worth to the world around you, you will always be treated below your real standard. Reveal your worth, and you will know that respect and value isn't a product to be purchased, but a natural magnet that attracts the kind you possess.

There's no other way about it, the greatest remedy to all ills of ignorance is to be immunized with educational vaccine.

MAN: In relationships, a man's handset is like an Onion, the more the woman opens it the more the tendency she will cry. WOMAN: And a woman's handset is like money that attracts your sight, take off your gaze and you will forever be cherished, live on it and your value will deplete.

Do you know that not all risk taker is a life builder, and not all workaholic is a success maniac? Stop being busy over that which is not productive to your essence, and stop channeling your strength to that which is effortless. What is required is simple, swim your ocean in the sphere of your skills. And know its depth to know the kind of ship to sail on.

That you force yourself to run when you should walk does not mean you've escaped the fall, you only exchange the phase, soon you will come back to crawl when you should fly. No phase of life will be ignored, there's always an appropriate time for everything, follow the pattern and you will have a lantern to tread the darkest path, boycott the norm, and you will languish in darkness even in the realms of light.

It may take an hour to like someone and a day to love someone, but life will always require the least version of the two to hate someone.

The level of your wisdom in life is not a measure of your knowledge towards that which you want to do, but is a reflection of the level of your understanding towards the knowledge you possess. © Fearless Lines

Do not hang your pen when your ink is still bleeding, do not force yourself to write a book when your muse seeks to be a poet. Don't stop the guitar strings when your song is still being played, don't throw away the drum sticks when your hands can't stop beating it. Don't substitute your cast for a role that you do not fit, Do not compromise your quote when your stanza seeks completion. In all, do not force yourself to be who or what you're not to loose who you really are. If you miss the flow, try again till you reach your gains.

To the minds of people that were once assaulted before in any form of abuse irrespective of their gender, do not motivate them or try to give them hope, for in the process of healing, the past might reappear again in terms of action or memory (P. T. S. D) Don't give them justice for it has a way of finding its own people, besides no one can give you justice, you rather take it yourself. Give them something greater; bring them vengeance.

Success is not a determinant of the quantity of what we've attempted, rather it is a reflection of that one thing that resonates with our being, our existence. Finding that one thing is success on it's own and at the same time the key to all.

We may live life with caution and also live it carelessly. Lest, we fall or we rise. But Which ever way we choose, we must live life like we do not exist in it and exist in it like we do not live. As it is not an entity where carelessness can be totally withdrawn and too much caution can be laced.

People who do not care about what you lose, should be given less concern also about what they gain.

If I say it once I would implore you to hear it twice, that there's no display of maturity in being a changed person by rejecting that which will benefit you from people who once made you feel worthless, prove your worth by your refusal towards the same shit you've always embraced not by the goodness they want to offer.

The wages life will pay you is not a measure of your approach to the chores of life, but a view of certain relationships you have and the ones you lack to stay relevant for the pay day.

It is through love that you will find true love and it is through love that you will also get lured.

The greatest gift lift can give you is nothing but the company of people who needs what you can offer.

If only we can admit it as humans that we are like candles whose light will never see beneath itself despite its beauty in the dark. So we should know that no matter the carelessness we may adopt and carefulness we may lace, our errors will never be lucid to our ears nor will they be heard to our sights. As the warning of others around us will always be the torch to tread our darkest path and also our rod to part our flooded passages.

The habitat of goodness in life will always be in a far country or a near by cabin in which one's perception of it will always be the map to navigate the journey.

Everyone is a politician in the way we play the game of life. The only difference between us and the actual politicians in the game of politics is the honorary title we do not bear.

You may swing a machete with speed as a reflection of the tons of muscles you've acquired like crixius in the game of Spartacus, but can you swing the weapon to conquer life with speed as well to fight the Good Fight of Manhood, for the Fight comes with scars of Responsibilities and injuries of Decision making.

If the relationship you keep in your life makes you weary, it's a reflection that you take much responsibility of others more than what your capacity can take. However, always remember that you need to sail to the other side first before you can show others how safe the path is to the greener side, if you're not here, you can never make others there. You will always be ultimately responsible for yourself first, ensure to tread reasonably.

The true test of a Man's identity is in the mirror of challenges, only in this reflection can an individual have a moment of self reexamination of himself, anything outside this will only reveal his true attitude to life and humanity.

In the Marriage world, what you detect as a problem from your partner in a relationship but hoping it would change over time, is often times becomes what will eventually construct the path to divorce in marriage if not handled with proper measure.

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