Veteran Poet - 1,624 Points (30th, november 1991 / JOS NIGERIA)


41. Soldiers Of Kisumu 8/20/2017
42. Goodnight My Love 8/20/2017
43. When A Believer Fall Asleep 11/11/2017
44. Just Be Mine Forever 11/11/2017
45. Sleep 12/6/2017
46. The Good Land 12/6/2017
47. Love Lets Love And Live 12/6/2017
48. A Cry For Freedom 12/7/2017
49. Come Jesus, Come 12/7/2017
50. Tales From Orion 12/21/2017
51. Go Tell The Planets 12/21/2017
52. Lets Make Love In The Woods 12/21/2017
53. Free At Last 12/21/2017
54. Peace Be Still 12/21/2017
55. The Seige 1/16/2018
56. Go Tell The Africans 1/16/2018
57. I Am Me 1/23/2018
58. Twilight 1/23/2018
59. The Other Side Of Time 1/23/2018
60. Idoma Must Live And Not Die 3/10/2018
61. Three Musketeer 3/10/2018
62. Time Tickle Off Memories 3/11/2018
63. Lust And Climax 3/12/2018
64. The Lost Fury 3/26/2018
65. A Song To My Soulmate 3/27/2018
66. I Will Declaim You 3/27/2018
67. A Letter To My Son 3/29/2018
68. When Is So Bad To Be True 3/29/2018
69. Loving You From A Distance 3/29/2018
70. We Grew Into Today -new- 4/7/2018
71. Wealth From Terror -new- 4/7/2018
72. Awake The Princess -new- 4/7/2018
73. Sons Of The Most High -new- 4/7/2018
74. Pride Of The Slumber -new- 4/7/2018
75. Her Love Came Passing -new- 4/16/2018
76. The Coin Flips -new- 4/16/2018
77. We Will Remember You Mother Africa -new- 4/21/2018
78. 'The Visitor' 8/5/2012
79. Time Scroll 8/5/2012
80. Suit Too Nice Along The Blue World 8/5/2012

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A Walk With Zombie

What a nigtmare in Naraguta valley; what a bliss in acrid darkness, what a figure of sharp aged teeth.the miseries behind dark science! ofcourse the chemistry behind this lightworld it all happen when our window gates closes.in this ruffy city this rudeless princess that blade men dry, they drink from this pump house of redish ocean.swing their jaws and incisor mountains.the joy they derive from lonely cementries! the neither takes the shape of ligth and retrive from day light smiles! in china they were. The bat people, in africa they became the darklords, in europe they were the soccerers and...

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Face Of Beauty

I saw in her eyes the face of endless beauty, flowing in her lips a river of passion, her emotion cut deep inside me, I inspired nothing but her love

Deep inside the ring of unbreakable glass, I proposed to her, even the angels in heaven needs her love to entangle their wings

Below the kiss of passion, the radicle of pain, the amorite of spear cut in his heart and render broken pieces but in another, the beginning of love, the strenght of unity, arrows of no impedement, cross of rivalry lo

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