Bronze Star - 2,688 Points (30th, november 1991 / JOS NIGERIA)


41. The Isle Princess In The Dream. 10/5/2013
42. The Fallen King 10/5/2013
43. Shantel&Time! 10/4/2013
44. The Lost Love.. 1/18/2014
45. Total Recall 1/18/2014
46. Beyond Timeline 1/19/2014
47. Marble Tale.. 2/2/2014
48. If And Only If 5/26/2014
49. Best Of Donmaston 8/8/2015
50. Lean And Learn O! Youth 8/8/2015
51. To My Anambarian Princess 8/8/2015
52. The Amber Stout That Burns 8/9/2015
53. The Stranger 8/9/2015
54. A New Dawn Is Reborn 8/13/2015
55. The Song Of Marvel 1/22/2016
56. A Song Of Beauty 1/26/2016
57. Eternity And Memories 1/31/2016
58. Love And Regret 12/14/2016
59. Daddy And Our Memories 12/14/2016
60. They Live In Us 12/14/2016
61. Awake The Arms Of God 12/22/2016
62. The Year Is Come 1/9/2017
63. Her Love Never Arrives 1/9/2017
64. Baby I Love You 1/9/2017
65. The Untold Tale To The Woman Of Today 2/20/2017
66. When The Light Goes Off 2/20/2017
67. Sunrise In Kenya 4/7/2017
68. Seasons Brings Memories 4/8/2017
69. A Birth Of A Nation 4/8/2017
70. Love And Deception 4/16/2017
71. When It Fly Then It Gets Dirty 4/16/2017
72. Hold Back The Breath Of Time 5/5/2017
73. The Pathways 5/27/2017
74. My Impetuous Lover 7/23/2012
75. Face Of Beauty 8/4/2012
76. Mama Africa 8/13/2013
77. Before The Fall 8/13/2013
78. 'Bravehearts' 5/9/2013
79. Lady Ankara 5/28/2017
80. Broken Love Tale 7/23/2017

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Paradise Never Lost

I once heard that sound which gladden the chambers of my heart
I remember the images I saw through the windows of my gray soul
They were the imprint of my soulmate, that queen I sang for many ages
That Ochanya, the Ihutokum whom I can dance ogriyan and Omagbae
Triumph with drums and trumpets to praise her beauty all night long
She is pure from hate, full of unimaginable love, beauty and grace
She is one in a billion, a teardrop in an ocean, a gazelle in the wild
Her beauty outlive the lilies in Kanji Dam, like the mountain flowers
Full of light, hope and kindness, ...

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A Walk With Zombie

What a nigtmare in Naraguta valley; what a bliss in acrid darkness, what a figure of sharp aged teeth.the miseries behind dark science! ofcourse the chemistry behind this lightworld it all happen when our window gates closes.in this ruffy city this rudeless princess that blade men dry, they drink from this pump house of redish ocean.swing their jaw

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