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I Love Her

I love her to death,
I love her so,
I love her so much that I just can't let go.
I love her to death,


God, guide me through the Valley of the Shadows of Death,
For I know no love, nor what is best.
I feel a sharp pain deep inside my chest,
Is it my love about to fold,

For You

My heart bleeds for you.
My heart beats for you.
My heart cries for you.
My heart calls out for you.

My View

People say that love starts with a smile,
grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.
But to me that is not quite clear.
To me love starts when your heart skips a beat

For Tomorrow

Kiss me like you've never kissed me before.
Love me like I'm the only one you adore.
Hug me like you'll never want to let go.
Don't be scared just let our love flow,

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I live in El Paso and have lived here all my live, I might be young but if i would try to write about it in this biography it would take way too long.........

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