Rookie (4th feb.1995 / Port Harcourt, River State)


1. Sweet Mother(Sonnet) 4/20/2012
2. I Love You, I Love You So 4/20/2012
3. Beautiful World 4/20/2012
4. A Free World(Sonnet) 4/20/2012
5. Aid Me Stand Her Ego(Sonnet) 4/20/2012
6. A Pen's Journey 4/20/2012
7. After School(Sonnet) 4/20/2012
8. Time Has Gone Weak And Frail 4/28/2012
9. My Love! My Love! Do Not Go 4/28/2012
10. Crasy Happenings 4/29/2012
11. In Business There Is No Pity 5/2/2012
12. My Madrid 5/10/2012
13. Thus Their Lives Ended 4/19/2012
14. A Lover's Long Contemplation 4/19/2012
15. His Tears Won'T Die 4/19/2012
16. I Cross My Heart 6/21/2012
17. My Love Adieu 7/17/2012
18. Dreaming To The Crescent Moon 7/21/2012
19. A Night Before Harmattan 9/7/2012
20. Jamb Day 4/19/2012
21. The Braggarts 6/21/2012
22. Watch Yonder And Hold On 4/19/2012
23. Pranked(Sonnet) 5/23/2012

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I saw a lady sweet and fair,
I saw her wearing white,
With eyes as blue and sweet as care,
She walked the adouring light.
She's cute and sweet as goodly kittens,
My eyes saw her and leaped for joy.
She wore to match the dress a mitten,
Gifting a reverie to a craving boy.
Aye! I craved to touch her skin of gold,
Then, she smiled and looked my way.
Ooops! I saw her face wrinkly old!
She's an old lady with youth'd sway.
My reveries came to a halting screech,
Never be quick to admire a lady is all i preach!

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His Tears Won'T Die

Burning tears from his eyes still riot down

Down the vast of his cheeks

For in his life sorrow sat on a throne

And wore a crown

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