Lawrence S. Pertillar Overcoming Poems

Overcoming Setbacks

My space is my space!
And it's a happy place deserved.

Long in development.

Overcoming Admitted Mistakes

Overcoming admitted mistakes made,
And wrongs to have done to anyone...
With one's actions corrected.
And hopefully not to repeat,

What Are They Overcoming?

In places where people have lived to exist,
On myths and delusion and unfulfilled promises...
A truth spoken and direct has adverse affects.
And often results in shouting voices heard in protest.

Overcoming Imperfections

Imperfections to acknowledge them,
Maybe, can, could and would...
Become painful to face.
But to replace them stubbornly,

Overcoming Fear

I have spent my entire life,
Overcoming fear.
And people who disliked,
My objection to limits.

Overcoming Adversaries

Overcoming adversaries,
On paths just to tarry...
Need to be given,
Not a welcome but a good riddance...

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