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On this day I say my final goodbye
As the earth is about to engulf you
Video clips of our past play in my mind
Our first smoke together

In groups they sit
In two's they walk

Talk of home


At loggerheads at all times
Competing for attention all times

Blessed are we that are forgiven
Driven back into comfort and safety
Told we are safe an welcome

Listen as I speak
Hear me as I shout

Free me as I struggle

The softness of her skin,
deep and chocolate brown.
I sigh as I imagine,
how we used to dine.

The calm after the storm
is so lonely.
If only I had known, that it would end like this.

Don't leave me
lying in my own blood
You walk away as I choke
on chunks of my own insides

The voice of an angel
echoed ''hello'' on the other side.
I ride on the cloud that brings me near,
Tear away from the hurt and pain.

Oh how I hate thee, with every fibre an granule within me.
Why do you pester me soo,
Why do not let me be?
I try and try again yet my shouts and screams fall on deaf ears.

False love that's what you give me
Unreal touches that is what I receive
You deceive me with your smile
Pretend to care when all you want is a lap dog

Feeling myself sinking into despair
No one here to repair
Depression and oppression
My mind messing with my body

When you have sucked my last breath
Beaten the last drum
Taken my last kiss

Carried me deep within the warmth of your womb;
Sang sweet music as you rocked to bring the calm;
Kicked to approve, disapprove or just to stretch deep within.
Swam around in bliss, tugging at my life line just to get attention;


No one gets the frustration
Through our disconnection!
Oh how I hate thee!


Trying to keep what little sanity
Losing my mind
Never getting things right
Used to be so tight


The words I said and you received
Seem so distant
Seem unimaginable

Have you not scarred enough?
Ruined and soiled to last,
Though at times the heart rust’s
Never shall the pain you cause last

African queen
Got my mind dreadlocked
My feelings intertwined

Chained and raped
As they reap what I have sown
Drawing pictures in the sand
As they land on my soul

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On this day I say my final goodbye
As the earth is about to engulf you
Video clips of our past play in my mind
Our first smoke together
As our lungs felt like erupting
We wanted to feel cool

Your first kiss
You told me remember
He was a dancer
Soft and tender you said

Our first argument
Ended in tears
Our blue eyes bringing smile's on our face's

Birth of your son being a blessing
Njabulo you said and that he is

No father by your side as a child
For he had passed
Now your with him at last

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