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Time passes so quickly there's no time to waste
Spend time with your family, don't hesitate
For you never know if tomorrow will come
Show your love to all, and not just to some

Lord I hope you're not finished with me
I'm still trying I pray that you can see
Life on this earth sometimes I can't bare
I feel all alone like no one really cares

A red bird was perched upon a tree
As beautiful and free as a bird could be
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly?
To be able to soar as high as the big blue sky

Do you know how important you are in my eyes?
You give me the strength each morning to rise
I didn't know you could love a child so much
Till I gave birth to you and felt your gentle touch

My mom is full of love and grace
I love the smile upon her face
Even on those cloudy days
She has a heart that's full of praise

That exciting moment was finally here, we didn't have to wait any more
It's a girl I heard the doctor say, the joy in my heart cannot be described
We held each other close as we cried with joy till we realized it was quiet
As we turned to look at the doctors they were looking at us in a sad way

Do you hear it?
A sound I'll never forget
The sound of dog tags blowing in the chilling wind
And I wonder when I'll see you again


You walked through the streets

Do you know how true love really feels?
Has your heart ever been broken till it made you cry?
Did you give all your love away only to be returned?
And you find yourself alone wondering why

When you're feeling lonely and cold
And you need a loving hand to hold
Then look to Jesus for he's a friend
Who will be by your side until the end

I wear my heart upon my sleeve
I've never been one to just turn around and leave
If there's someone that I see who's in need
If I can't help them it makes my soul to bleed

You're a part of my life so please don't shut me out
My love for you is strong, there should never be any doubt
You said you don't need your family, you want us to leave you alone
But how would you feel tomorrow if you were awakened and we were gone

I was molded by your hands to live upon this earth
How special I must be to have been chosen from my birth
To live upon these lands in such perilous times
In me you found a purpose to help break the ties that bind

We have the choice to make life as we want it to be
We can choose to see all the beauty or close our eyes and not see
We can open our hearts to find the love of our lives
Or we can live alone in silence and die alone in the night

Pamela O. Rucker Biography

I am currently 47 years old and have been married for
22 years to John Rucker from Roanoke, Virginia.We have
one son named Joshua Ryan Rucker who is 21 years old
and attends NC State University in Raleigh, NC. He is
majoring in web design and computer programing.He will
graduate in one more year and is already making good money.I decided to write my books hoping to help my
family, including my mom brothers and sister. I have been on disability for quite a few years now and am not able to do very much but my family has such a hard time I feel like I have to try and do something to help if I can.I also promised to help my church.

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The Importance Of Family

Time passes so quickly there's no time to waste
Spend time with your family, don't hesitate
For you never know if tomorrow will come
Show your love to all, and not just to some
You never know the impact that you will make
Make sure your actions are real and not fake
If tomorrow comes and your loved ones are gone
Your life is in despair and you're left all alone
Yesterday is gone and you can't get it back
Your heart is left cold, and your feelings now you lack
It's regrets you'll feel with a broken heart
You say 'God if I could have just one more start'
But time that is lost can never again be found
There's only quietness, no more laughter or sound
So use wisely the time in which you've been given
Don't be wasteful and make sure that you are living
Your family is a precious gift from the Lord
Always show them love and don't strike them with a sword
No human is perfect for we all make mistakes
We must learn forgiveness before it's to late
If love we freely give then love we'll freely get
And when it's heaven time, we'll be ready you can bet

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Cassandra Leung 20 April 2013

can u please analyse ur poem! ! thank

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