That Special Love Poem by Pamela O. Rucker

That Special Love

Do you know how true love really feels?
Has your heart ever been broken till it made you cry?
Did you give all your love away only to be returned?
And you find yourself alone wondering why
Have you dreamed of finding that special love in your life?
But you're waiting on GOD'S will for that perfect plan
Everyday you pray and ask him 'have you forgotten me'?
But let me assure you it was all worked out before your life began
Don't waste your time on every body that comes along
GOD knows who's right for you and he doesn't make mistakes
There's no need to sit around and worry for nothing will go wrong
His hands and heart are full of love in every thing that he creates
Our lives were all planned out before we were even born
If GOD took that much time on us then you know we were adorn
So there's no need to worry about what your future may hold
He is our heavenly father and we are as important to him as gold

Cody Wisneski 24 August 2008

simply a beautiful poem. there are times i doubt Him, but its poems like these that make me believe again.

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Ency Bearis 24 August 2008

a nice inspirational verses..full of encouragement believing in GOD... nice write..well done... Ency Bearis ____________________________________________________________________

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