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Good men come forward now
A world in need...Indeed
Uphold your sacred vow
We long for you to lead

First the perspiration on the forehead
Then a tense outburst of inner emotions
Followed by a profusion of mingled words
Struggling against themselves to frame thought

Before the wind has blown the breath
Of simple words away
While in the future lays a wreath
From which a friend has laid

At the instant when the heart
Jettisons out of the mouth
Misery will play its part
To instill an awful doubt

One envisions a swirl of mayhem
With an oceanic perpetuity splashing
Against the involuted classes marching
Stoically providential as in the masterpiece

Through the market by the square
You can find him most anywhere
The spread and the rustic guide your nose
So popular...everyone goes

Bending over backward until my spine cracked
Dizzy from echoes of your tirades
Psycho enough to trigger heart attacks
Weak as a jellyfish in biodegrade

Onion has a little brother
Packs quite a pungent smell
Comparable to no other
With roots that stretch to hell

Autumn leaves red ochre and sun golden
Gliding from the trees to a breeze
Nearer to a winter so embolden
Makes a shivering soul sneeze and wheeze

You with your incorrigible smile
Drawn into everything purely vile
As your spirits soar with the bats of hell
The vapors of evil enhance the smell

As brittle as a kitten
Pawing at a dandelion
Or maybe an old mule sitting
Until he's sleepily lying

It's never what I did expect
Your totality of neglect
Invisible as I might be
Explains why you stare straight through me

We have scales of human value
Weighing all the best parts
Discarding unappetizing souls
Enjoying the best of everything

World in turmoil is a world in woe
It crowds the terrain everywhere you go
The crying and fighting against what foe
Box it all up and tie it in a bow

An orchid on her hair wilted
Petals did they dropp one by one
Abruptly her true lover tilted
Snide whims to another for fun

May we overdose on love as such
Our hearts are pounding concord
Smitten with a romance inasmuch
Two souls can journey toward

Come fall we lie in Autumn leaves
Under the rambling gust that blows
It fans the fervour like arrow bows.
A scorching kiss my lips receives

To cleanse the mind of hatred's raging pain
Embedded like a common tick
Blood-letting out the bad so good remains
A crusted scab swelled up too quick

Only precious girls
Can give you melted pearls
When they are weeping woe

Come bring us all a clown or two
A joker or a jester
Too many faces looking blue
Allowing gloom to fester

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An Appeal

Good men come forward now
A world in need...Indeed
Uphold your sacred vow
We long for you to lead

Kind women of the land
Many children cry...die
Come lay your gentle hand
Upon the heads who sigh

Small children of the earth
Destined eyes of
May your visions give birth
To a peace without end.

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