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Married have four children and nine grandchildren.
My grandchildren inspire me to write, watch them playing, how they inneract with their siblings and other children.
I wrote the poem 'Little One', I was inspired by a
photograph that was taken of her sleeping on a white satin pillow. 'PaPas Knee' watching their grandpa rocking one of the other grandbabys on his lap.
These and other poems are written by watching and listening to them, my grandchildren.

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True Friend

True friend offer gum
not cigarettes.

True friend offer soda

Eyes Of An Angel

Children at play on merrygorounds, happy
and laughing no pushing no fighting not
kicking one to the ground.

Our Flag

Stands for strength
Waves for courage
And freedom

Spirit Of A Child

A Mother holds her son close
to her chest.
Tears role down her cheek,
knowing he will be at rest.

With Open Arms

A child needs love they come to us
from above,
When they come to you with a scrapped
knee you pick them up so tenderly.

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