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Patrick Scott Hogg Poems

1. The Strong And The Free - A Fisherman's Song - Lament For A Life Style All But Gone 5/8/2007
2. Scotland Stand And Be A Nation! - An Election Dirge For The Snp Victory Of 3rd May,2007 - Written Hastily (Will Polish Up) 5/9/2007
3. So Let The River Start To Flow (An Old Poem Updated - The Grit Of Idealism) 5/12/2007
4. Laken's And Roberta's Song (For The Author's Twin Daughters) 5/13/2007
5. The Dreams Of Caledonia - Caledonia Is The Feminine Spirit Of Scotland Awaiting Her People To Come Back To Her And Free Her And In Turn Be Freed By Her - From False Chains Of Union 5/8/2007
6. The Granfather Clock (For Tam And Jeanie Mccrae, The Author's Grandparents) Who Lived In A Stone Built House By The Sea 5/8/2007
7. Scotland's Past Scotland Present 5/16/2007
8. A Ballad Of Love And Lust 7/30/2007
9. A Dirge: No More Will We Stumble And Fall - Some Moments In Love 8/7/2007
10. Beneath The Heavens' Perfect Blue - A Portrait Of Someone I Love 8/7/2007
11. For Annie Lennox 11/27/2007
12. Auguries Of Guilt - Mine And Yours 11/27/2007
13. Ballad Of A Man Who Left The City To Live In A Cave - William Purvis: The Ardwell Caveman - Sw Scotland. 11/27/2007
14. Here's The Life For You And Me - A Galloway Song 11/27/2007
15. Butterflies Of Light - 11/27/2007
16. Caledonia's Muse - 11/27/2007
17. Images Of Youth - Part 4 11/27/2007
18. Hard Times (Come Again No More) - An Old Song From Usa Re-Drafted About The Coal Strike Of 1984-5 In Britain 11/27/2007
19. A Rainbow Inside - A Love Song About Our Inner Needs And Lack Of Understanding In Relationships 12/3/2007
20. A Song - The Wings Of Glory - For Those Who Died In Iraq For Blair And Bush's Madness 12/3/2007
21. A Song Of Dolphins - Passing Portlogan Bay, On The Rhins Of Galloway, Scotland,1991 12/3/2007
22. After The Storm - Part 1 12/3/2007
23. After The Storm - Part 2 12/3/2007
24. All Hallow's Eve At Pennyliggot 12/3/2007
25. At Glesca Cross. On A Glesca Poet Gan Tae Seed 12/3/2007
26. The Poet’s Job Undone.....Part 8 12/3/2007
27. The Poet's Job Undone - Part 13th 12/3/2007
28. The Poet's Job Undone - Fragement Of A Lost Mss 12/3/2007
29. Extinction Of Man: Nuclear Winter 2/14/2009
30. The Ghosts Of Culloden - New Verses To A Song By Isla Grant - Chorus And Music Are Hers 5/13/2007
31. The Twa Margaret's - The Wigtown Martyrs, Covenantors Who Were Drowned At A Low Tide Stake In Galloway Scotland, May 1685 5/13/2007
32. A Promise O’er A Stream - Said To Be The Old Way Peasants Married, Exchanging Bibles - Two Songs Merged: Abstract Poetry 12/3/2007
33. A Rainbow Inside 1/6/2010
34. Xxxx A Rainbow Inside New Version 1/6/2010
35. * A Rainbow Inside - New Version 2010 1/6/2010
36. Freedom O Freedom - Dedicated To Ian Hamilton Qc 3/7/2010
37. *** Freedom ****** 3/7/2010
38. Rise Caledonia (New Version) 11/5/2013
39. When The Red Leaves Are Falling - For Flight Sergeant James Scott Hogg,21 Yrs Died Gibralter 1944 11/5/2013
40. To Kiss Your Lips 11/5/2013

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Best Poem of Patrick Scott Hogg

Rise Caledonia (Sung To The Tune Highland Cathedral)

Rise! Caledonia, land where eagles fly
High where the snowy mountains touch the sky
Gliding o’er forest spreading green, so free
Down, where the glen and river meet the sea.

Rise Caledonia, land of martial fame
Fearless in battle is the Scottish name
Proudest of nations across the wide world
Hear the pipes and drums as our flag’s unfurl’d

Rise Caledonia, we will drink to you
With courage and friendship in all we do
The bitter days of the past are gone
As Scotland’s flame burns on and on!

Rise Caledonia, to your destiny ...

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Caledonia's Muse -

My nation’s spirit is my Queen
She rules majestic, evergreen
Caledonia’s voice for whom I sing
Immortal muse, my verses bring!

Oft at the dawn I’d pensive stray
To while some laden cares away
Far, far from the city throng
I’d hear your voice in votive song

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