Arnold My Frog Poem by Paul Buttigieg

Arnold My Frog

Rating: 5.0

You did not get to meet Arnold,
My wonderful green tree frog,
Befriended him in Queensland I did,
When we shared a sodden log.

When I stood up from my seat,
On that rain forest walk,
Arnold seem to look at me sadly,
I thought, If only he could talk.

He never took offence,
That I laid him on my palm,
And when I tried to place him back again,
He jumped upon my arm.

The hushed voice that I used,
To make him feel ok,
Seemed to have a calming effect,
He wouldn't go away.

He challenged my love for him,
But I knew he was just a frog,
For I couldn't keep him as a pet,
As you would a dog.

I placed him high up in the tree,
Self assured that he was home,
Insects to whet his appetite,
And moist branches for him to roam.

He disappeared so quickly,
Into a sea of brilliant green,
That I felt so good I had helped,
This gentle amphibian live his dream.

For years I've thought about Arnold,
Contemplating chances he must take,
To live a long and happy life,
And with luck, avoid a hungry snake

Simone Inez Harriman 05 July 2017

I enjoyed this lovely poem about Arnold the frog and your kindness toward him. It always restores faith in humans when you read or see acts of kindness toward the vulnerable.10+

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