Love In Darkest Hours.

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For love was a wonderful sight
And love was the hour of darkness
That came along in morning’s depths
And shared some spurious thoughts.
With curious words we made a pact
Think not of past conquests
Nor of notches on a bed
Or care about a name being called
A name of others gone
You tonight are all I need,
All I want and more.

Romeo Della Valle 23 October 2011

Definitely a beautiful and well penned write that clearly shows your great poetic talent! Thanks for sharing! Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...

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Vipins Puthooran 22 October 2011

Beautiful poem, I love this one, , ''May the love of moon shower dew over earth's heart in noon of night so that a sprout soul will dance in glee at dawn''.

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Jacqui Broad 19 October 2011

You say 'you are all I need', so it is just that. A need that must be spent. Love is a want. You always want more than what you're given... Or asked for in the first place...

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Shadow Girl 19 October 2011

geez i came back again to say i LOOVVVEEE this it is goin on my faves list!

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Shadow Girl 18 October 2011

beautiful, loved this...great advice too!

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