Paul Jonathan Stertz Poems

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Life Sucks, Then You Die

In pain you came screaming into this world,
From the day your eyes opened the darts were hurled.
Live long enough, you may see through those eyes
That mother who bore you suffer and die.

Sticks And Stones

A verbal offense at a critical hour
Tears down fences and hits like a hammer
Smashes like a steam roller
Don't let em tell you words don't have power

The Glass Is Gone

Filled by a tsunami, then shattered in an earthquake,
for what it's worth, this is my take.
The glass not half full or empty-this glass is gone,
Whatever was left got blown away by some terrorist's bomb.


Do you ever wish that you could circle back,
And get it right,
And put the train back on the track?
Undo the terminal decisions,

Take It

So this is war, not what I expected, we try to build it back up cause someone wrecked it
Erect it, a new society, not sure what that's got to do with me
I don’t even know your names, but I see your faces, people
Living in these places, spaces cut off from reason, Season after season

He Never Forgets

She said it was fate, it was great, and he knew she was right
Just two people, ships passing at night-but she turned on her lights,
And he stayed with her long enough to know that he loved her
Somehow he knows he can't keep her, but he keeps her letters

Days Go By

Time goes by slowly for me in my room
Out on the window ledge, spring flowers bloom.

I cannot see them, try as I may

Blown To Hell.

Knell of destruction,
Toll of the bell,
The promise of promises
Blown to hell.


In ancient times, masters of their trade
Changed the world by what they made.
Hell-bent on their somber mission
Hammering, pounding into submission


'Vanity of vanities, '
The preacher wrote.
From the Word of the Lord
The truth I quote.