Paul Jonathan Stertz

Rookie (15 Dec 1978)

The Glass Is Gone - Poem by Paul Jonathan Stertz

Filled by a tsunami, then shattered in an earthquake,
for what it's worth, this is my take.
The glass not half full or empty-this glass is gone,
Whatever was left got blown away by some terrorist's bomb.
Everything is too wrong, it has been for way too long.

The world is not beautiful, it's stark.
People aren't good inside, they're evil and dark.
Violent, cruel and hypocrytical, hate is the norm,
there's no peace in this storm.
There is nothing really new or original, technology isn't wonderful-
Just a devil's express to railroad the progress
of our own downfall.
All your sports teams, movies, and TV shows are shameful, low,
And a waste of time and money, and all serve to breed the apathy
Which will eventually contribute to the ruin of our society.

So you popped out a kid?
Congrats, together with another 10 billion other mothers who did.
Despite your insistence, that alone doesn't validate your existence.
Sure, you are unique and special, in your own little way-
Like me, uniquely vile and twisted,
and our smiles hide inside what we dare not say.
You are not in this together with your sisters and your brothers-
You are in this all alone, and you'll die alone like all the others.

You don't matter, no matter who you are.
You're not a star!
You're not a king, and you're not a queen,
and everything you've done so far
was probably all for nothing in scheme of things.

God doesn't need you, you fool.
For some reason no one knows He lets this mess go;
Pray for His mercy to end it now,
and close the big curtain on this damn lame clown show.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 9, 2010

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