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While the weather was still warm
they played in the fountains
and life seemed easy
it was natural to smile

It's extraordinary the creatures you can come across in the quieter parts of Yorkshire, England.....


I stumbled upon
the secret of happiness

a brief article


The ferries on the Humber river in England were replaced by a magnificent bridge, but memories are alive....


In the UK, donkey rides and building sand castles are still popular, but we cannot control the tide....


(This is a tribute to the fishing folk of Whitby, England. A mention is made of chips in the poem, which in the USA I believe are called fries!)


I knew your dad had died
but now your mum and brother too
and the death notice wasn’t clear
- it might also have been you

We are a poetry nation
for one spectacular day

when all heroes and heroines

Living on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, England, is mostly uneventful, but sometimes.....


The longest day
doesn’t feel much longer;
tomorrow’s glass misting
with breath of winter


With eyes closed I still see the light
and sense everything I need to dream,
there’s still chance all will come right
- torn edges form an invisible seam;

Horseplay in the corridor
but where was our first kiss?
Was it in my dinky room?
The taste of balmy bliss

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Poet based in North Yorkshire, England. See http: //

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While the weather was still warm
they played in the fountains
and life seemed easy
it was natural to smile

we could see no white caps
on the distant mountains
our focus was on
this golden mile

it was time for the young
to get thoroughly soaked
and dry in the lenient
October sun

the adults just sat
quite still, and joked
recalling their days
of childish fun

at the back of their minds
was something like night
but far enough away
to put off till tomorrow

while the kids still played
it just wasn’t right
to admit there was anything
remotely like sorrow

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