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Viral Times.

As I sit and think in viral times

I felt a calling though far away
So I gently left my host.
Passing many universes I began to near
A new loved one in a speckled blue universe.

I could feel the dew caressing my sides
As I chewed merrily upon an unopened dandelion.
It was pitch black in the valley below
But blackness gave way to a grey sky the other way

Sit silent, feel the sun's warmth
Upon the skin, and in the blood.
An orange glow behind the eyelids.
A breeze tickling shoulder skin

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Viral Times

Viral Times.

As I sit and think in viral times

In later years fear assaults me.

Is it death I wonder why I tremble so

Or worry of lost life with no more thoughts.

What awaits me at last breath

Where will my consciousness wander

Or will it disappear.

I want a heaven to exist

To be as promised in the book

With everlasting fruiting trees

Waters running past

With a throne I cannot see.

This for me is my eternity.

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Bhavika Dudhani 13 October 2020

Amazing poetryy! ! ! Loved it

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