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Do not open a door,
You cannot close.


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Placed in a situation I cannot escape, I try to run, to hurdle through, but escape will never reach me.

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My name is Craig,
Last name Unknown.

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Countries fighting for inequality.
Irreversable corrupt acts of violence.

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The clock flickers from 11 to 12,
I feel restless...

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Always trying to reach your hand out to help others.
Amazing care through love and courage is felt through you.

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W - Without being instigated or provoked,
A - An army attacked,

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There once was a dog,
That went with no name.

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There once was a Willow,
Born under the sun.

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**NOTE** This is one of my best poems made in my opinion, hoping for more like this.

Peter Cloutier-Jabalee Biography

My name is Peter Cloutier, AKA Coco Nitty.
I got the name Coco Nitty as a nickname from some of my friends when I was younger.
I first started writing poetry in Grade 9 and wrote a lot, but stopped for quite awhile.
I plan on getting back into it now, but with a new style.
The new me plans on making all my poems, or at least most of them, tell a story.
I currently have no e-books available, but I plan on making quite a few e-books with all of my best poems.
If you read my poems and like them, add me to your friends list or subscribe to my poems, and send me a message.
Every bit of inspiration I get from fans motivates me to reach my ultimate goal.
Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy the poetry I write.
~Peter Cloutier AKA Coco Nitty.


Hi, once again, I would like to state that I am Peter, I used to go by the name 'Coco Nitty' and I even began a Rap Phase with that name.

I do not Rap anymore, and I do not go by 'Coco Nitty' anymore.
Coco Nitty was a lot happier than I am, but he was younger too.

I am 31, from Canada.

I now go by the name 'Xero Xipher' which is pronounced 'Zero Ziffer'

I have recently created a Forums Site known as BookCrook.Net

I enjoy reading and writing Free Form Poetry and I am looking for Poets to join me on my website:

My Poetry and Literature Forum Site is: https: //

So, here's for round two on Poem Hunter!

The Best Poem Of Peter Cloutier-Jabalee

The 5th Dimension

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Do not open a door,
You cannot close.
For it is within the door,
You will find many foes.

The Ghosts of Past,
Lay dormant, sleeping.
The echoing woes,
of the Ghouls that are weeping.

We shall not, but enter,
The 5th Dimension.
For entering that door,
Bring more suffering than to mention.

But if you do attempt,
To open the door.
You will find all but Peace,
Danger is within it's core.

The 5th Dimension,
Though in a great Slumber.
Is filled with tension,
And pain in great Number...

So please do not,
Open the door.
For this is a sacrifice,
Worth dying for.

Pandora's Box, was given,
Kept closed.
And if she would open,
The Evil would enclose...

Upon the land,
The Evil would roam.
You understand,
This is what they called Home.

But please do not enter,
The 5 dimension.
The dangers within,
Are none that are worth mention.

There are however,
Those that are trapped.
Lost in Time,
The bloodline of Ancient's Mapped.

The 5th Dimension,
Was closed long ago.
I have gotten your attention,
Yet, there are things you should know.

For when you Open,
The 5th Dimension.
The Evil will spread,
And the Holy be primary Attention.

So please do not,
Open that door.
For if it is opened,
You will die for sure.

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Quitting smoking is a challenge neccessary for just about every smoker. The easy part is saying NO, the hard part is NOT saying YES.

To avoid insanity is like trying to avoid what tomorrow might bring without being told what is happening tomorrow.

It is hard to find beauty in the things around you if you cannot find beauty in yourself.

Some say money can't buy happiness... Although some things you buy with money provides happiness... Maybe money is best spent -- In moderation... Not too much, not too little.

In my opinion, Life on Mars isn't the BIGGEST thing that we can actually accomplish... I believe that if there are over 140 elements on the Periodic Table, there are maybe another 10 on Mars, these New Elements may be Cures to Diseases.

If you don't look where you are going, you will always end up where you were headed.

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